Hair Transplant in Turkey Cost

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Posted May 20, 2024
Discover the affordable hair transplant in Turkey cost and save a fortune! Say goodbye to hats and wigs, and leave your worries about high transplant prices behind. Dive into our detailed article to get a thorough understanding of Turkey's hair restoration costs.
Hair Transplant in Turkey Cost
Hair Transplant in Turkey Cost

Key Takeaways

  • Hair transplant in Turkey costs are far more affordable than in other developed countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.
  • The best hair transplant in Turkey price falls between €2,390 and €6,890. 
  • Hair transplant in Turkey cost depends on the surgeon's experience, clinic reputation, hair transplant type, and the extent of hair loss.

Hair transplants in Turkey not only provide a solution for hair loss and thinning problems but also deliver natural-looking results. The combination of these results and the affordable costs of Turkey hair implants make it a top choice for hair restoration. In fact, the cost of hair restoration in Turkey is significantly more affordable than in many developed countries like the United States. Continue reading to discover just how cost-effective these natural-looking hair implants in Turkey can be.

Hair Transplant in Turkey Cost Versus USA and Other Countries

Hair implants in Turkey cost reasonably well when compared to your home country. A single hair implant in Turkey costs between $1- $3. This is far less than the stateside costs, which range between $6-$10.  

In the United States, hair transplant surgery prices are strikingly high, costing you an average of $10,000 (€9,315). Meanwhile, it can cost you a minimum of $8,000 in Canada. However, destinations like Thailand, Mexico, and Turkey offer affordable hair transplants. 

In contrast, the best hair transplant in Turkey can cost you as low as $2,575 (€2,390). Based on the procedure you choose and the extent of hair loss, it can rise to a maximum price of $7,420 (€6,890)

Below is a table showing details on the hair transplant Turkey cost versus USA and other countries. 

Hair Transplant Turkey Cost Versus USA and Other Countries


Hair Transplant Cost Range

United States

$5,000- $15,000


$8,000- $12,000

United Kingdom

$3,750- $12,474


$5,000- $18,000


$3,000- $8,000


$2,900- $6,900


$2,575- $7,420

# Prices are subject to change. 

Hair transplants in your home country cost more than double Turkey’s affordable prices. Now, let’s look at the factors affecting hair transplant costs in Turkey. 

Discussing Hair Transplant in Turkey Cost: Associated Factors 

Hair transplant in Turkey cost vary based on factors like surgeon's fees, facility expenses, and anesthesia charges. Further, it depends on the extent of bald areas. The greater the thinning, the more would you need transplant sessions. Besides, highly experienced transplant surgeons and reputed hair transplant clinics charge higher prices. However, you can expect definite results from this!

Best hospitals for hair transplant in Turkey

More importantly, the technique they use for your hair restoration also matters. Typically, hair restoration seems to be just the extraction and implantation of grafts in the recipient areas.  However, the technicality of the procedure varies greatly. Each method is different and demands sophisticated procedure-specific equipment

For example, the DHI needs a unique Choi implant pen for a scar-free, better-healing, voluminous scalp. Hence, you can expect a higher price on this. Besides, some methods demand meticulous work from the transplant surgeon. Factoring the above, the average cost of a hair transplant in Turkey falls between $2,575 (€2,390) and $7,420 (€6,890).  Now, let’s get deeper into understanding hair transplant in Turkey costs based on the procedure.

FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey Cost 

An FUE hair transplant in Turkey costs between $2,575- $3,502 (€2,390 and €3,290). This process typically involves meticulous extraction of grafts using a micro punch. For implantation, the transplant surgeon will open the channels on the recipient area of your scalp using a metal blade. This will be followed by the implantation. FUE hair transplant success depends on the surgeon’s skill in graft extraction, selection of prolific grafts, and effective transplantation. 

DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey Cost 

DHI hair transplant in Turkey cost between $3,502- $5,142 (€3,290 and €4,830). A DHI transplant typically involves the usage of a unique device called a Choi implant pen. This device performs transplant extraction and implantation in a single step. This avoids delay during transit time, allowing immediate implantation after harvesting.[1] DHI is a worthy method for men and women. If you are in search of hair transplant Turkey cost women, the DHI cost is the reference. 

Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey Cost

A sapphire FUE typically requires a special V-shaped sapphire blade made from precious sapphire stone. The unique shape of the blade leaves closer microchannels with chances of minimal scarring that is hard to notice. The cost of getting a Sapphire FUE hair transplant in Turkey ranges between $2,575- $3,502 (€2,390 and €3,290). The advantage of choosing this method is that it involves smaller microchannels, resulting in a final voluminous look and quick recovery.

Manual FUE Hair Transplant in Turkey Cost 

The cost of getting manual FUE in Turkey is slightly higher than that of the other methods. It costs you between $3,608 and $7,420 (€3,390 and €6,890). Manual FUE involves a more tedious job of your hair transplant surgeon. Hair transplant surgeons manually extract the grafts, unlike the routine FUE, which uses an electric micro punch. Being a slower and more controlled method, manual FUE costs relatively higher than the other method involving an electric micro punch.

Hair transplantation in Turkey isn't just renowned worldwide—it's a top choice for clients from every corner of the globe. Understanding the diverse needs of our international clientele, we offer a detailed breakdown of costs in various currencies, including pounds, to ensure clarity and convenience for all our patients. 

Hair Transplant Turkey Cost in Pounds

Here’s a comprehensive table displaying the costs of hair transplants in Turkey for the year 2024, presented in pounds. This is to ensure that no matter where you're coming from, you can easily understand the financial aspect of your transformation journey without any hassle. 

Hair Transplant in Turkey Cost 2024

Hair Transplant Turkey

Cost in Pounds


£2,050 - £2,829


£2,829 - £4,150

Sapphire FUE

£2,050 - £2,829

Manual FUE

£2,928- £5,950

# The exact price is case-dependent

Exploring Why Turkey Is Best for Hair Transplants: Cost Analysis

Turkey's hair transplant is favored mainly because of the considerable savings one can make. Further, it gained international popularity mainly for its jaw-dropping packages. Thanks to the hair clinics dedicated to treating international patients. Turkey hair transplant package offers exceptional amenities like 

  • Accommodation
  • Transport shuttles
  • Hair and scalp analysis
  • Blood tests
  • PRP treatment
  • Post-op services (includes first hair wash and aftercare kit) 
  • Language translation services

Blood tests for hair transplant in Turkey

Are you wondering about the prices for these services? Don’t worry. They are affordable, incurring substantial savings. Below, we tabulated the prices for you.

Turkey Hair Transplant Package With Prices

Turkey Hair Transplant Package 


All-inclusive FUE package


All-inclusive Sapphire FUE package


All-inclusive DHI package


All-inclusive manual FUE package


Platinum hair transplant Turkey package*


Diamond hair transplant Turkey package*#


*Includes 2-night 5-star hotel stay

#Treatment by ISHRS-certified doctors

Now let’s understand the most frequently asked question: “5000 grafts hair transplant cost Turkey”. Our partner does not charge you per graft price. The best part of a hair transplant in Turkey cost is not only affordability but also the price per transplant. Whether you need 2000 or 4000 grafts, the cost is tailored to the extent of your baldness, not the exact count of grafts. This means you receive the same high level of care and attention regardless of how many grafts you require. It's a straightforward, cost-effective solution that puts your needs and results first, making it an incredibly appealing option for anyone considering hair restoration.

Are you dreaming of a dramatic new look? Turkey awaits your arrival! Simply register with Envoy Health and pack your bags! We’ll handle the rest for you.


  1. Direct Hair Transplantation: A Modified Follicular Unit Extraction Technique


The information in this article is for educational purposes only and does not replace medical advice. Always consult your doctor before starting any treatments.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Getting 3,000 grafts of hair in Tukey can cost you between $3,000 and $9,000 (approximately €2,815 - €8,450). Although this cost is based on Turkey’s price of $1-$3 per graft, many of our partner clinics do not charge per graft. You can expect unparalleled service for an entire day, and the team offers you the maximum possible healthy grafts for effective results. 


    The number of grafts that one needs for a hair transplant depends on the intensity of hair loss. Typically, a regular hair transplant procedure requires 2000-3000 hair grafts. Of course, 5000 hair grafts are used for advanced stages of balding. However, make sure that you have enough donor hair to serve the 5,000 graft transplants. With Envoy Health, you don’t have to worry about the number of grafts. Our partner clinics do not adopt the per-graft strategy. The fixed price packages at our partner clinics cover the entire day and work on the maximum possible healthy grafts based on your case for that complete day.


    Getting a full hair transplant in Turkey can cost anywhere from €2,390. This can go as high as €6,890. Remember, the exact price depends on the procedure and extent of baldness. Getting a FUE or sapphire FUE can cost you between €2,390- €3,290. If it's a manual FUE, it can cost you slightly more, between €3,390- €6,890. However, a DHI hair transplant can cost a minimum of €3,290 in Turkey. 


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