Is Hair Transplant Turkey the Solution to Your Hair Loss Problem?

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Posted May 06, 2024
Explore whether a hair transplant in Turkey is the right solution for your hair loss. This article delves into the effectiveness, benefits, and what you can expect from Turkey’s best hair transplant. Discover how this popular procedure restores your hair and confidence by reading more.
Is Hair Transplant Turkey the Solution to Your Hair Loss Problem?
Is Hair Transplant Turkey the Solution to Your Hair Loss Problem?

Key Takeaways

  • Hair loss is a growing concern among youngsters. A hair transplant in Turkey offers a natural-looking hairline that will last longer.
  • Turkey hair transplant is an excellent win over other non-surgical methods, with noticeable results within just 12 months. 
  • You get a range of procedures tailored to your needs here with a hair transplant in Turkey. Furthermore, it involves minimal pain and discomfort, and the results are scar-free.

On average, you’ll lose 50-150 hair strands in a day. The hair follicles that lie in the scalp promote regrowth. However, these follicles shrink over time due to age or hormonal effects. They cannot regrow as they once did, leading to pattern baldness. [1] It's a common concern affecting nearly 35 million men and 21 million women. According to The Hair Society, the prevalence of hair loss grows with age. About 40% of men find their hair thinning by the age of 35, a figure that rises to 70% by the age of 80.[2] Further, if you have lost hair due to burns or scalp injuries, chances of regrowth are minimal. 

Temporary fixes like wigs don’t offer natural or satisfactory results. Further, non-surgical solutions, such as minoxidil, finasteride, or dutasteride, can improve the condition. They require continued usage and can only reverse baldness to a limited extent.[3]  

Hair transplants in Turkey are permanent and safe, offering long-lasting and effective results. Be it a receding hairline, balding, or just losing volume, a hair transplant in Turkey can be a solution. Implanting viable hair follicles in areas that have lost hair can work wonders by improving the volume and overall look. 

Hair Transplant in Turkey: How It Helps? 

A hair transplant in Turkey offers a permanent, scar-free solution for your hair loss problems! It gives you a natural-looking hairline so seamlessly that it’s nearly impossible to tell you’ve had a transplant. If your hair is thinning, a Turkey hair transplant can restore its lush, voluminous appearance, all with a pain-free experience.  

Hair Transplant in Turkey: How It Goes?

Your hair transplant specialist will extract hair grafts from a healthy donor site and implant them meticulously into the recipient areas affected by hair loss. Typically, the donor sites are the bands of hair left at the back and sides. Both graft extraction and implantation play an equally crucial role in a hair transplant’s success. The micro hair grafts, sometimes called hair implants or plugs, contain tiny scalp pieces with 1-2 hair follicles. They regenerate effectively once transplanted to a healthy area of the scalp.

To be a good candidate for a hair transplant in Turkey, you need to have healthy hair on the sides and back of your head. Being a smoker can prevent you from achieving a positive difference. Hence, quit smoking a few months before a hair transplant in Turkey for the best results. However, hair transplants are not recommended for those who are pregnant or nursing. In addition, having an infectious scalp condition or skin disease can also interfere with the healing process.

A certified hair transplant specialist will perform your best hair transplant Turkey. Now, let’s look at the different types of techniques employed at Turkey’s hair clinics.

Transplant Types at Hair Transplant Turkey Best Clinic

Depending on your scalp health and the extent of hair loss, Turkey’s best hair transplant clinics offer the following hair transplant techniques.

  • FUE: The hair transplant doctor will extract the grafts using a micro punch for natural regrowth after implantation. Each extracted hair follicle contains 1-4 hair roots, and using a micro punch ensures the extraction of healthy, viable grafts. Your doctor will use a metal blade to open ducts or canals in the recipient areas. The use of micro punch makes this procedure minimally invasive. This procedure produces less evident scars that are hard to notice.  
  • Sapphire FUE: The graft extraction will follow the same traditional method using a micro punch. However, your doctor will use a V-shaped sapphire blade made of precious natural sapphire stone to open the channels before implantation. This allows making thin V-shaped incisions that are relatively close to each other, allowing you to achieve a greater hair density. Further, the thin V-shaped blade makes smaller microchannels that can heal better, helping you recover quickly. This method offers better results for advanced stages of balding. 
  • Direct Hair Implantation: The DHI method of hair transplantation employs a Choi implant pen. It is a surgical tool with a needle and micromotor that makes incisions and implanting grafts all in the same go. This is unlike the FUE, which is when the doctor opens channels before implantation. It's worth mentioning that DHI is the preferred hair transplant Turkey for women.

Any of the above methods will be carried out after your doctor numbs your scalp using local anesthesia. You may experience discomfort or slight pain during the anesthetic injection. There’s no need for concern if you're apprehensive about needles. Our partner clinics also offer needle-free anesthetics as an alternative. You’ll be awake during your hair transplant in Turkey, which can take anywhere between 2-8 hours, depending on the procedure. 

Hair transplant in Turkey

When Can I Expect Results After a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Your hair starts to grow back within 3-4 months after getting a hair transplant in Turkey. Further, it shows density and gains volume between 6-12 months. Finally, you can expect definitive results after 12 months of having a hair transplant in Turkey. 

If you’re worried about the expenses, note that the hair transplant Turkey cost is significantly less than in the United States or the United Kingdom. The best hair transplant in Turkey price falls between €2,390 and €6,890. While the exact cost depends on the type of transplant and the extent of hair loss, you can enjoy a spectrum of amenities with the hair transplant Turkey package.  The hair transplant Turkey best clinics offer various packages, including VIP transfer, luxury stay, post-op hair care kits, and PRP treatment. Read out some hair transplant Turkey reviews to learn similar stories of patients and how a hair transplant Turkey could solve their hair loss problems. It helps you gain confidence as you begin a journey toward a new look.

Don’t wait another moment to achieve the look you’ve always dreamed of! Take the first steps towards addressing your hair loss concerns by signing up with us at Envoy Health! With our expert guidance, your journey to regaining confidence is as simple as a breeze!


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The information in this article is for educational purposes only and does not replace medical advice. Always consult your doctor before starting any treatments.

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    Hair transplants in Turkey are highly successful when done by the right professional. They offer you natural-looking permanent hair with original luster within just 12 months after your transplant. The doctors at our partner clinics in Turkey have performed over 10,000 successful hair transplants. They are highly proficient in delivering exceptional results. 


    The cost of getting a 3000 graft hair transplant in Turkey is between $3,000- $9,000 since the cost of a single graft will be between $1- $3. You can choose the affordable hair transplant Turkey packages starting at just $2,520 at our partner clinics while enjoying quality treatment along with luxury amenities. 


    Turkey for hair transplant is a great choice mainly for its affordability, quality, and, most importantly, natural-looking results. Turkey’s reputed hair clinics offer top-notch care, and the doctors have a high record of success in performing more than 10,000 hair transplants. Some of them have received over 20+ international awards for their excellence. However, we recommend you research carefully to make a wise choice.    


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