Los Algodones Dental Prices Estimates with Dental Expert

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Posted April 29, 2024
Navigating dental costs can often feel overwhelming. Don’t worry, as we’ve simplified it for you. The article Los Algodones dental price estimates with dental experts include a detailed cost breakdown, explaining additional costs for dental tourists and how treatments are priced. Keep reading on to make an informed decision.
Los Algodones Dental Prices Estimates with Dental Expert
Los Algodones Dental Prices Estimates with Dental Expert

Key Takeaways

  • Dental work in Los Algodones costs only a fraction of the costs in the United States. Thousands of Americans seek Algodones dental care to save considerable money on quality dentistry.
  • While major restorative procedures like dental implants are most favored, you’ll have to check out the price inclusions for abutment, prostheses, and anesthesia. 
  • Basic procedures like tooth extractions, cleaning, whitening, and root canal treatment cost comparably less than invasive procedures.

Dental treatment costs are exorbitant in the United States, and many Americans choose dental work in Los Algodones because of its affordable pricing. Besides its affordability, a Los Algodones dental trip is safe and convenient, offering top-notch treatment. However, dental costs are indeed tricky. If you consider Los Algodones dental implants,  the price depends on the number, type, and brand. Further, some dentists in Algodones provide an all-inclusive quote covering the abutment and crown. In contrast, others quote the prices of each component separately. In the end, this can make cost comparisons challenging for dental tourists. 

Understanding the factors that decide dental treatment costs is essential for first-time travelers. A good understanding of cost estimates will help you negotiate well and avoid unexpected expenses. Further, you can plan the budget well and make an effective comparison. Let’s start by looking at the factors influencing Molar City dental treatment costs.

Factors Influencing Dental Treatment Costs in Los Algodones

The cost of dental treatment in Los Algodones depends on the procedure and quality of materials used. Generally, complex procedures like implants are priced higher when compared to simple treatments like tooth cleaning or extraction. Further, high-quality materials like porcelain and zirconia cost more and last longer than less expensive materials. Additionally, dental lab fees can impact the overall costs. Some clinics rely on third-party services for the customization of prostheses. This will add middleman charges to the final bills. Furthermore, the expertise of dental professionals dealing with your dental work also influences the treatment costs. While experienced and skilled dentists charge higher prices, you can expect accurate and long-lasting results.  

Los Algodones Dentist Price List

Los Algodones dentists charge relatively affordable fees when compared to dentists in the States. Dental tourists save substantial amounts of money by choosing Los Algodones dental treatments, especially major restorative dental procedures like implants.[1] The best implant dentist in Los Algodones will charge $1,500 for a single titanium implant. While this price includes charges for abutment and crown, prices may increase slightly for getting multiple implants. All-on-4 dental implants with a fixed acrylic bridge for one arch will cost a minimum of $8,110. However, if you prefer premium brands like Nobel Biocare and Straumann, the costs would be approximately $8,950 and $9,710

Prices also vary for other treatments, like dental crowns and veneers. In Algodones, a tooth-colored, natural-looking crown made from durable materials like Zirconia or E-max costs you between $230 and $490. Meanwhile, popular aesthetic options like thin porcelain and zirconia veneers are priced between $450 and $490 in Algodones, making high-quality dental care accessible at a fraction of the US cost. Further, getting a sinus lift or root canal done in Los Algodones costs you $700 and $340, respectively. The cost of tooth extraction in Los Algodones, Mexico, is $60 if it's simple and $85 if it is complex

Below is the detailed cost breakdown of Los Algodones dental prices. 

Los Algodones Dentist Price List


Los Algodones Dentist Price 

Dental Implants

Titanium implant (with abutment and crown)*


All-on-4 implants (with fixed hybrid denture per jaw)


All-on-4 implants (Nobel Biocare with fixed hybrid denture per jaw)


All-on-4 implants (Straumann with fixed hybrid denture per jaw)


All-on-6 implants (with fixed hybrid denture per jaw)


All-on-6 implants (Nobel Biocare with fixed hybrid denture per jaw)


Zygomatic implants


Bridges, Crowns, Veneers, and Dentures

Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown*


Zirconia crown*


E-max crown*


Porcelain veneer*


Zirconia veneer*


Partial acrylic denture


Complete acrylic denture


Porcelain-fused-to-metal 3-unit bridge


Composite filling*


Dental Services 

Simple teeth cleaning 


Deep teeth cleaning (per quadrant)


Simple tooth extraction*


Complex tooth extraction*


Gum contouring*


Teeth whitening 


Zoom teeth whitening 


Root canal treatment*


Root canal re-treatment*


*per unit

#Prices may vary with the case

While we’ve covered the prices exclusively for the procedure, it's essential to consider the additional costs you may encounter in Los Algodones. These include the costs of additional procedures and pre-procedural tests like panoramic X-rays, CT scans, and anesthesia costs. We tabulated it to make it easier for you.

Los Algodones Dentist Price List


Los Algodones Dentist Price 

Panoramic X-ray


CT scan and panoramic X-ray


Intravenous sedation


Sinus lift


Bone graft per unit


#Prices may vary with the case

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  2. Gingivitis and Periodontitis: Treating Periodontitis: Professional Cleaning and Good Oral Care


The information in this article is for educational purposes only and does not replace medical advice. Always consult your doctor before starting any treatments.

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    Frequently asked questions

    The cost of getting full-mouth dental implants in Los Algodones, Mexico, ranges between $8,110 and $13,950. All-on-4 dental implants with a fixed acrylic bridge cost you $8,110. Meanwhile, the same with Nobel Biocare or Straumann will cost you $8,750 and $9,710, respectively. Suppose your jawbone is too small and cannot support a sinus lift. In that case, the Algodones dentist will suggest zygomatic implants, which cost around $13,950. 


    Dentures in Algodones typically cost between $190 and $490 and replace multiple missing teeth and surrounding soft tissues. A complete denture made of porcelain is durable and wear-resistant, costing you $450. Meanwhile, a partial denture with an acrylic frame costs you $190. It's a good solution if your jaw loses a few teeth and is left with some. However, getting a partial denture with a metal frame costs $490 and is a good choice for its durability and resilience. 


    Getting a simple, regular teeth cleaning in Algodones, Mexico, will cost you $35. However, your Los Algodones dentist will charge $60 per quadrant if your teeth have been pulled away from the gum line due to plaque build-up. This is deep cleaning, which removes plaque and tartar, eliminating bacterial build-up to prevent oral diseases.[2] 


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